Industry Solutions

At 8Hexa, we are passionate about developing a payment environment that is safe, reliable, and easy to use.


Industry Solutions that are Catered for You

We are committed to building a secure, reliable, and convenient payment environment.

Simple all-in-one integration process

Enjoy access to global payment solutions through an all-in-one integration.

Secure and reliable

With international payment license and 8Hexa’s risk management system assures the safety of all funds.

Localized services

With a strong presence in emerging markets, 8Hexa operates with 20+ languages, covering 50+ and 4.2b potential users worldwide.

Multiple Channel Payment Collections

Utilize local Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) or e-wallets specific to each country.

Client Fund Management

Use our user-friendly system to initiate settlements, manage your funds flexibly to handle cash flow problems.

Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Our robust transaction management system ensures the secure and reliable transfer of funds, providing you with real-time monitoring and peace of mind.

Grow your business network with 8Hexa Financial

Join us today and experience effortless cross-border financial transactions. Empower your business globally

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