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An Advance Digital Payment Gateway
Cross-border payments are financial transactions that involve transferring funds from one country to another. These types of payments can be used for a variety of purposes, including purchasing goods or services from a foreign company, or making business payments to international partners or suppliers. The 8Hexa cross-border network system uses a variety of different payment methods, including wire transfer, e-invoicing, card payments, and e-wallet online payment through the platform. Cross-border payments may be subject to fees and exchange rates, and various compliances and laws in the countries involved. However, with our seamless and cutting-edge technology, we ensure cross-border payments are compliance, easy and fast. It enables businesses to facilitate financial transactions across borders, enabling international trade and e-commerce.
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Our Services
Access to the fast-growing and large economies spanning more than 100 countries around the world. A one-time connection with 8Hexa makes cross-border payments and receipts as easy and fast as domestic transfers.
The holistic platform for efficient collections and payments.
Our objective is to make global business collections and payments seamlessly. It is through our advance technology, our vast partnerships abroad, our compliances and licenses and our international banking experiences, which establish the payments platform designed to deliver a world of smooth e-commerce.
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Why 8Hexa
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Holistic payment options
We provide appropriate payment methods to suit your business needs and many more, with a variety of currency options.
Relationship with reputable banks
With our good working relationship with global reputable banking partners, we help you collect, complete transfers, refund and other payment transactions fast and easy, assisting you to handle your business efficiently.
Easy onboarding
We provide convenient and useful functions such as supporting direct and indirect connection mode, real- time feedback of transaction results and simplified processing of various daily transactions to make it simple and easy to understand.
Payments without borders.
Transfer funds all over the world – pay virtual employees, business partners, suppliers, and even customers on marketplaces. Reduce payment and reconciliation delays, streamline Cross- border vendor payments and pay in local currencies.
Make Your Transactions Fast And Efficient
Simplify the process of doing business in the globalized world! Regardless of where your business takes you, we can provide you with the ideal solution to collect and receive payment – from online payment methods to cross-border transfers, free from any cross border payment restrictions. 8Hexa facilitates you global payment functionalities with our advance payment platform.
Partnership with reputable banks
Seamless transactions
Multiple payment methods
Reaching global customers