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An integrated payment gateway to help you receive payments around the world

Minimize technical complexity and API issues. Your integration to our network is simple and fast.

Instantly link with major payment service providers

Avoid hassle of multiple integrations. Instantly access to major prestige payment service providers in the fintech world.

Value-add to your existing network.

We are accommodative. You can connect to 8Hexa and keep your existing payment providers and preferred partnerships.

Global business connections.

Our comprehensive collection network system helps you cross borders and currencies, meet local business regulations, and expand payment methods on your transaction platform.

Fast, efficient, compliant and simple collection solutions.

Real-time transaction and fraud monitoring of cross-border payments.

Process payments in major currencies.

Keep your business operations fully coordinated - Cross-border transfers, reconciliations, ledgers, multi-vendor payments, and more.

Invite you to become our Collections Partner

Grow your business network with 8Hexa Financial.

With one powerful and advance integration, you are able to onboard our full financial ecosystem which includes group of payment service providers, FIs, leading merchants and suppliers. You will be compatible with the marketplace regardless of the collection methods.

Maximise your transaction volumes and sales capability.

Our proven collections solutions are used by major FIs and gateways to enable them to offer multiple payment methods to their merchants and customers.